I already had my colorway in mind back when this all started, I knew I wanted to keep it in the Yarn Ink style of somewhat neutral with pops of colour.  I LOVE how it turned out, its perfect. The name however didn’t come to me so easily, as they usually don't.  I wanted this name to have meaning though, in multiple ways. The #titsoutcollective by the Countess Ablaze is about standing our ground and not selling ourselves short (read her blog here, she's much better at explaining it). 

The second, the charity I’ve chosen is the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (what is better fitting for this cause) because I lost my nanny 13 years ago and it turned my whole world upside down. Cancer gives zero f**ks about who it takes, it's an unapologetic monster.

Guys, Im both super thrilled and incredibly emotional about this. Ive never wanted to give anything back to cancer, I've been so angry and bitter all these years. Its time to let go of that now and support these great cause's by professing our love to the dear Countess Ablaze by starting all of this and by giving back to help others who have suffered the very thing that took the one I love. 

This colorway will be available July 1st at 12pm BST (click here to see your local time) in the #titsoutcollective section of the website. It will be a preorder so don't fret if thats too early/late. I haven't decided what to do with the colorway as of yet (ie whether to add it to our signature lineup or make it available at a certain time of year, although I'm really digging it being made available in October aka breast cancer month)

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I just received my Unapologetic in the mail and I must say it’s gorgeous! First time Yarn Ink buyer and I’m happy I loved the colourway enough to give your yarn a try. Lovely and squishy!

Sharlene B

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